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Introduction of Passive Infrastructure

Passive infrastructure sharing involves multiple operators sharing the same passive infrastructure as a means to reduce the costs associated with real estate, access rights and preparing sites for the requirements of active infrastructure. As a general rule in the cellular industry, passive infrastructure sharing encompasses all the non-electronic elements required of a cell site. These can include: the tower itself, buildings or shelter, air conditioning plant, security, electricity generation capability for back-up, an electrical supply, technical premises and pylons.

The electronic elements required by a cell site such as base stations, microwave radio equipment, switches, antennae and transceivers don’t fall under the scope of passive infrastructure.

Our Service

  • Maintenance of cell sites to ensure minimum down time and within the SLAs specified by the customer.
  • Collection and timely payment of electricity bills.
  • Filling of diesel in DGs.
  • Back up for DGs in case of DG failure.
  • Preventive, Corrective and Routine maintenance of DG sets, ACs and Electrical/Utility equipment e.g., Power Interface Units (PIU), AMF \ Panels, Shelters, Towers Earth Pit, Rectifiers, Batteries and Bus Bars, Electrical Protection Devices, RF and Electrical Cables, etc.
  • Maintenance of secondary batteries to ensure availability of backup power.
  • Proper cleanliness, upkeep and house keeping at telecom sites.
  • Pre Monsoon Activities.

Introduction of Active Infrastructure FLM

Active infrastructure compares the core clement of cellular telephony in the form of a network and contiguous radio cells providing coverage through operating on dedicated set of radio channels of defined frequency.

Element of the active infrastructure are the basic transceiver station (BST), the base station controller BSC a, the mobile switching center MSC and microwave and GSM antenna. The antenna enables both the transmission and to proceed receipt the radio signal, enabling the cellular telephony to proceed interrupted as the subscriber is mobile.

Our Service

  • Scheduling & Implementation of Preventive maintenance Corrective Maintenance at first level viz. BTS & Transmission equipments including antennas.
  • Verification of resolution of trouble tickets.
  • Providing logistic support for active spares.
  • Programme management of repair and recovery of faulty parts.
  • Monitoring and Escalation of infra alarms from circle based OMCR. Periodic reporting of fault handling to NOC till resolution.
  • Supporting RF Optimization & Transmission Network Optimization.
  • I&C of active equipments.
  • TRX Up-gradation and Blockage removal - report generation and performance management.