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Diesel Filling

As a practice, Telecom tower operators currently use Diesel generators, batteries and a variety of power management equipment to address the demand-supply gap. The resulting energy costs alone account for 25 percent of the total network operating costs, affecting the profitability of the operators.

The biggest challenge for a Telecom Operator is to create a homogenous environment of operating a network with the desired SLA’s. And the primary reason for any downtime other than the network or RF element if the Power/Energy downtime. This downtime is primarily due to lack of adequate management of DG as a infra.

Sumit Infra brings a value offering to any Telecom operator not only in supplying the requisite DG but do a comprehensive design of each site based on the calculated load per site and a cost effective offering including adequate redundancy with a SLA driven Operations and Maintenance.

  • Reliable and Robust product portfolio
  • Trained Skill set which can service DGs of multiple brands
  • Timely availability of Consumables & Spares
  • Theft proof fuel tanks
  • Remote Monitoring and control
  • Fueling and fleet management
  • A comprehensive offering for a Telecom Operator to manage the entire site as Field Level Maintenance on a turnkey basis which are SLA’s driven
  • DG Maintenance, Rectification & Spare part management


This solution is basically designed for the Telecom sites where load is range of 4 KW to 25 KW. This design benefits the customer in reducing the CAPEX cost of DG. By this design we offer 24/7 power supply to the Telecom site on KW/Hour Basis.

  • DG power on rent at best prices.
  • 24/7 Power availability
  • KW/Hour Model (Need to pay only that much that much you have consumed).
  • Geographical Flexibility.
  • Highly skilled professionals.
  • Delivers best SLAs


A package customer made as per customer's requirements. Provide total peace of mind to the customer enabling him to have higher attention to his core business. The Package comes in Fully Loaded version (i.e., CAMC) whch includes agreed number of Preventive maintenance services and includes almost all parts (including but not restricted to consumables, e.g., filters, oil, hoses, belts etc) as well as unlimited breakdown services. The version least loaded involves agreed number of Preventive maintenance services along with consumables, e.g., filters & oil.

Equipment Repair Centre

Telecom Repair Services

When total replacement of aged DC power systems are too costly or impractical, DC Power Depot Repair services can keep network infrastructure running at peak operating efficiency by quickly restoring equipment to like – new condition.

Repairing your aged power system components to like-new condition can save you money and extend the life of your critical network infrastructure.

Emerson Network Power's depot repair can quickly restore your equipment to like-new condition, and priority service options can expedite their return. We offer replacement of electrolytic capacitors, resistors, transistors and more, and all equipment is calibrated and tested to perform at factory specifications.

Repair and refurbish your aging power equipment to stretch your budget and improve network reliability.

Sometimes total replacement of aging equipment is impractical or costs more than it's worth. That's when Emerson Network Power's depot repair and refurbishment services make sense.

Use our services to quickly repair and refurbish your aged power system components to like-new performance. With refurbished equipment, you'll have the peace of mind of like-new equipment without the cost of a total site overhaul.


  • Components include: converters, inverters, PC cards, rectifiers, and tone/ring generators, just to name a few
  • "Like-new" repair philosophy to restore all equipment to original performance and specifications
  • Replacement of aged electrolytic capacitors, resistors, adjustable potentiometers, leaky  transistors, and other components
  • Emerson Network Power components upgraded to the latest performance specifications
  • Competitive prices and stringent quality control
  • Standard one-year parts and labor warranty
  • Trained and experienced technicians who use the latest test and repair equipment
  • Stringent quality control


  • Expertise to get the equipment refurbished or repaired to original specification.
  • Repaired and refurbished to a like new condition, with approved parts that were designed, specified, and tested for the equipment
  • Engineering enhancements completed to upgrade the equipment to the latest revision
  • Software and firmware upgraded to current versions
  • Complete full, functional test to the manufacturing test instructions that new equipment is tested to