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We, as a Turnkey service provider undertake design, construction and implementation of the Telecommunication networks. The content of the service package is matched as per needs of the customer. The Turnkey Infrastructure Rollout Projects comprises of the following major activities:

Infrastructure Rollout

  • Site Planning, Survey & Design
  • The Site Planning includes Site surveys and detailed Construction and Installation planning of equipment including detailed drawings. We ensure that the Construction and Installation Documents are in accordance with the local laws and customer specifications. We have to prepare site folders for the client / telecom service provider which consists of the Site Specific Documents. The purpose of site folder is to assist construction and installation groups to execute the work.

    We carry out Soil test, stability certification, layout, structural and detailed design of the works. Designs are prepared by qualified designers who are either engineers or professionals.

  • Infrastructure development
  • We execute Infrastructure activities which includes site preparation, arrangement of temporary power, water etc., and civil & electric works including foundations for Tower, shelter, DG, cable feed troughs, cable entry glands, internal and external trays, Supply and installation of antenna mounting support.

  • Vendor Management
  • We follow up with suppliers which come under our direct scope as well as suppliers of the customer i.e., items like DG sets, Shelters, Air conditioners, Power plants, Batteries, Stabiliser with Isolation transformer, Towers, Civil and Electrical Works.

  • Acceptance Testing Certification (AT)
  • We undertake execution as well as coordination of infrastructure Acceptance Testing (AT) till receiving the AT Certificate from Telecom service provider. We rectify all the punch list points in our area of working and re-offer sites for AT.

  • BTS (Base Transceiver Station) Activities
  • BTS is radio equipment installed at site to send and receive mobile communication.

    (i) BTS Installation & Commissioning
    BTS Installation activities are carried out according to site specific installation plan and includes:

    1. Installation and termination of radio feeder cables, antennas and grounding kits
    2. Installation of BTS (or extension rack), plug-in units and all internal cables
    3. Installation of transmission cable, power cable and power system, Grounding cable and alarm cable for BTS
    4. Load BTS software and set up needed parameters

    (ii) BTS Integration

    We support in the integration according to Telecom Equipment manufacturer integration procedures and quality documentation. Integration is directed to:

    1. Integrate the BTS to Base Station Controller (BSC)
    2. General check up of software package.
    3. Test calls for every time slot
    4. Test external alarms and do any other required tests by the Operator
    5. Realignment of antennas during optimization

  • Transmission Implementation
  • In order for communication between the BTS and the BSC, there is a requirement for Microwave (MW) Installations as a transmission medium. Following activities are carried out by us to implement microwaves:

    • Installation of MW antenna and outdoor unit
    • Installation of indoor unit modem & MW feeder
    • Commissioning of MW link and Alignment of antennas to obtain surveyed receive level
    • Integration of MW link

  • Quality Control
  • Quality control of the work undertaken by us is very important for our growth. We perform random quality audits and inspections in order to ensure the Implementation. Works are delivered in accordance with the quality standards laid down by the clients. We also follow-up and the monitor the corrective actions based on the findings of the quality audits.

    We manage and monitor all aspects of project documentation as defined under “Share of Responsibilities”.

  • Risk Management
  • We monitor the project activities, identify risks associated with these activities, and advise the customer how they might affect the cost or schedule of the project, as well as to take all necessary measures to minimize such risks. Our Project management participates and contributes in monthly risk management meetings with the customer.

  • Logistics
  • We monitor and manage all activities relating to the movement and status of Supplier Product inventory in the project. We monitor related logistics management of the Equipment, which includes interfacing with the customers’ and suppliers’ logistics in order to schedule and reconcile the delivery of Equipment.

  • Operations & Maintenance and Warranty Support
  • We also undertake Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and Warranty support as a part of scope and services as stipulated in the contracts.

    Project Planning & Management Services

    This model is usually adopted by Operators having an existing and established vendor base for civil and electrical works apart from Equipment Suppliers. They use this model to overcome the difficulties in bundling the same together due to a shortage of efficient Program management resources at their end. Our Program Management expertise is most typically used under such circumstances. Also, adopted by certain Telecom Equipment Manufacturer serving a Managed Services Deal with the Operators where Project Management is a part of scope, which is then outsourced back to back to us.

    Salient scope includes:

    We undertake supervision of Works and ensure timely completion. All planning and overheads associated with the subcontracted works are our sole responsibility. Project Management include following activities:

    • Planning and execution of network rollout through multi-skilled teams.
    • Single point interface to Telecom Equipment manufacturer
    • Implementing the activities as per the scope of subcontracted works and providing periodical Progress Report to the client
    • Quality Audit of sites with Telecom Equipment manufacturer and completion of suggested corrective actions.